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About Orexi Greek Kitchen

If you love traditional Greek cuisine you are welcome to visit our takeaway restaurant and make your order. We serve delicious Italian dishes and Greek pizzas. All our dishes are made only from the best and fresh ingredients of high quality. Tasting our dishes you can fill yourself being near the Mediterranean Sea.

Our restaurant doesn’t have high prices; here you can find amazingly tasty Greek dishes for whole family or company of good friends.

Our restaurant is a great choice to take food with you after a hard working day. In Orexi Greek Kitchen beside delicious food, you will discover service of superior level and friendly staff. 

Orexi Greek Kitchen Restaurant

Find us in Manchester You can find our takeaway in the city of Manchester. We are located on the 16A Crescent road and we are waiting for your order. You are welcome to visit our takeaway restaurant if you are in Manchester or around it. You can make an order directly on the website or with help of our mobile app. 
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